Blitz Dragonoid

Hyperio is a Darkus Blitz Dragonoid with unique powers.


Hyperio started as a regular Hyper Dragonoid. His former partner was a brilliant scientist. The two of them were testing a chemical, when it burst. His partner was killed. Hyperio, however, had a type of mutation. He had an evolution spurt into a Darkus Blitz Dragonoid, but kept the name Hyperio. He also gained three new forms: White-Stealth, Shadow, and Nightmare. He also gained the ability to use any kind of support piece.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Darkness Sheeth
  • Shaflow
  • Vortex Dragon
  • Thundering Current
  • Stealth Effect


Hyperio must be remotely intimidated to enter this stage. When he does so, Hyperio's background black color changes to white. His power is also replenished.

White-Stealth Ability CardsEdit

  • White Seal
  • Imperia Cannon
  • Hyper Breaker


Hyperio's form changes to Shadow when his power is decreased to almost nothing. His body undergoes an incredible change, and all his color is drained away in the process. His G-Power is also doubled until it goes above his base power level.

Shadow Ability CardsEdit

  • Shadow Reflector
  • Storm Blaze
  • Antimatter Form


Hyperio's Nightmare form is the deadliest of all. His form gains some color back. Like his other forms, he gains a power boost, but in return for power, he loses all control, and goes all-out on anything in his path.

  • Alpha Phaser
  • Ancienis
  • Dispel Closer


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