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  • DarkusMaster

    Yeah, I'm planning this. Seriously. Here's what I gots so far.

    • Dan is a total d!ck in this series.
    • Drago is an old coot with a short temper and attention span.
    • Julie is the brains of the group.
    • Gorem is big and stupid, contrasting his nerd of a brawler.
    • Runo is a stuck-up little b!tch.
    • Tigrerra is male and insane.
    • Alice gives off very NOT subtle hints that she is Masquerade, and the others DO NOT catch on. At all. Well, except maybe for Julie. :|
      • Oh, and chick sound like a dude. :3
    • Masquerade is gonna have a different accent in practically every single episode.
    • Hydranoid is completely insane. (Airzel, you'll be PERFECT for this role. Just saying. :3)
    • Marucho is a tad-bit clueless.
    • Preyas keeps his comic relief role.
    • Shun, while quiet in the main series…

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  • DarkusMaster

    Check them out. I'm still in control, and I have NO IDEA how to fix this place! 22:42, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

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  • DarkusMaster

    Check 'em.

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  • DarkusMaster

    Dark Bakugan.

    June 4, 2011 by DarkusMaster


    ]] 20:59, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

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  • DarkusMaster

    ??? ???
    Aquos Wolfurio Senshi
    Haos Infinity Trister *NONE*
    Darkus Titanium Dragonoid *NONE*
    D/V Mercury Dragonoid SkyShadow (suggested by TS)
    Ventus Infinity Helios Kaze
    ??? ???
    ??? ???
    Darkus Vertexx Hulk

    Help name ones w/o names. And, if you know any of the ones that are labeled as ???, tell me. Alpha, if you could help with the bottom two above Vertexx, that would be great. Bakugan are in order of Trinity placement: top, middle, bottom, (NEXT) top, middle, bottom, (NEXT) top, middle, bottom.

    Muchas gracias. I'm still in control, and I have NO IDEA how to fix this place! 23:21, June 1, 2011 (UTC)

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